Prince Harry ‘offensive’ remark for Queen is ‘ludicrous’ attempt to regain popularity

Prince Harry bizarre attempt to gain recognition after quitting royal duties is being mocked by royal expert.

The Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers says that the Duke of Sussex comments about ‘protecting’ the Queen in a recent interview are ‘absolutely offensive’ and a ‘ludicrous.’

Mr Myers said: “I just think that interview that Harry gave for American television a few weeks ago was absolutely ludicrous.

“What on earth is he talking about protecting the Queen, making sure she’s got the right people around her”.

Mr Myers added that Harry lives “5000 miles away from her”.

He added: “He’s chosen to give up his duty, he’s run roughshod over the Royal Family and his duty that he left behind, yet he’s coming out with ludicrous statements that he’s the one protecting the Queen”.

The royal editor added: “I think it’s absolutely offensive”.

Speaking to Hoda Kotb, Harry admitted that he ensures the Queen is always surrounded by the ‘right people’ and looks out for her ‘protection’ even in the US.

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