Rebekah Vardy accused of colluding with paparazzi for World Cup Wag photo

VSoleen Rooney’s lawyer David Sherborne resumes his questioning of Mrs Vardy about the World Cup in Russia in 2018, when he says Mrs Vardy had exchanged messages with her agent Caroline Watt about organizing a photographer.

He says that Mrs Vardy organized staged photographs of herself and other England footballers’ wives and girlfriends, and accuses Mrs Vardy of being “perfectly happy to do the dirty as long as the dirty does not come back on you”, which she denies.

Mr Sherborne says the other women had been “upset” by the alleged staged photographs, which Mrs Vardy also denies, saying “no one was upset”.

He also says that when the other women found out about the paparazzi, they arranged to put their own photos online in order to thwart the photographer’s attempts at getting exclusive photos.

“You’re concerned because what’s going to happen is the girls will find out… so they put their own photos online,” Mr Sherborne says, which Mrs Vardy says is “not true”.

Mrs Vardy says she can’t remember much about the day.

“If I had intentionally arranged that picture on the step, I would quite happily admit that I had,” she says.

Mrs Vardy adds she was not worried, as Mr Sherborne says, that it would look like she had set up the paparazzi.

She also says it is untrue that her and Ms Watt were “terrified” of losing the exclusive photos.


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