Starpowa: Here’s how these women took back control of their bodies after menopause

It seems we can’t escape mention of the dreaded ‘M word’ at the minute.

From access to adequate advice to struggling supply chains for sought-after prescriptions, the menopause is front of mind for women of all ages.

But whether you’re actually going through it or have started to feel anxious about what to expect from that part of life, breaking the taboo about actually talking about the menopause can have a massive impact on the way you can handle it.

Sharing their stories, these women – busy juggling work and family life – reveal how they refused to struggle with their symptoms without a fight. From support groups to supplements, they reveal their steps to being back in control of their bodies using alternative methods…

Menopause & Me: Sally, 57, a warehouse administrator from Surrey

Sally, 57, was severely affected emotionally and physically after going into menopause. She has found balance and feels back to herself by tackling her symptoms from all angles – good communication channels, exercise and putting the right vitamins in her body – including Starpowa Meno Balance (above)

My Symptoms

‘I was in my early to mid-forties when I first started noticing little changes in my body. I haven’t been able to take artificial hormones since my late twenties, so I have become quite attuned to how my body behaves, especially around my menstrual cycle. My got shorter but heavier were and the time between them became longer and my weight periods started to creep up while my moods were very erractic. My short-term memory got worse and I noticed I became clumsy – my balance was off.

You feel old before your time – completely out of step with the world around you

‘The changes were subtle to start with but the nearer I got to 50 the more obvious they were; headaches, heightened emotions, low libido.

‘I went into full menopause on my 50 birthday, at which point my periods stopped completely. My sleep was OK, but my mood swings were off the charts, I gained weight and my memory was atrocious.

‘I became very short tempered at certain times of the month and i became badly bloated. It just knocked my confidence for six.

‘There was a time about 9 years ago when my partner made a comment about the fact that I was buying new clothes all the time. I just flipped – I was so angry at him and after my outburst I just sat on the floor in a corner and cried. He was totally in shock. It took me a couple of days to recover from this and start to feel “normal” again.

‘I later got signed off work and felt so low – I didn’t know where to turn, it makes you feel old before your time and out of the loop with the world around you.’


‘During the time off work I began walking a lot – mainly to get me out of the house, but also to clear my head. I found this so helpful – just walking can make you feel so much healthier and brighter.

‘I also turned to a menopause website where there was a community of women who were going through everything I was! It was so helpful to hear I wasn’t just by myself going through this strange, unsettling change. We absolutely don’t talk about the menopause enough. It’s almost like it’s a taboo subject and it shouldn’t be. Every woman goes through it in some form.

‘I also found a counsellor, who helped me with tools on how to manage anxiety and my moods, which came as part of the menopause. Also, just being honest with my partner helped massively – he’s been my rock. I would advise any woman to talk to those closest to them, mainly to get it off your chest but also so they understand your situation better.

‘I also looked at and tried over the counter supplements for the Menopause. I found Starpowa Meno Balance after reading reviews and articles about it. That was about 3 years ago and I wouldn’t be without them now.

‘It wasn’t what I noticed them doing, more the things that weren’t happening – I’m now down to 2-3 ‘off’ days a month – my hot flushes have all but gone. I still get teary but it’s manageable and I sleep well without having to get up for the bathroom.

‘The other thing is that they are vegan and with no nasties in them; in my opinion they are little miracles that keep me sane.

‘The best bit is that I like me now, but it’s taken a long time to get back to my old self. My advice to anyone going through something similar is to tackle it from all angles – talking, exercising and putting the right things in your body.’

Menopause & Me: Rachel, 52, teaching assistant from West Sussex

Rachel started experiencing menopause symptoms at 50 and felt tired, emotional and dealt with extreme mind fog.  She began taking Starpowa Meno Balance and has seen a huge difference in the way she feels

Rachel started experiencing menopause symptoms at 50 and felt tired, emotional and dealt with extreme mind fog. She began taking Starpowa Meno Balance and has seen a huge difference in the way she feels

My symptoms

‘I first started perimenopause at the age of 50. I only found out because I made an appointment at the doctors as I felt so very low. She took blood tests and the results were the ‘M word’! It was quite a relief to know why I felt that way, but also I was apprehensive as there’s so much scaremongering around menopause symptoms.

‘And, to be fair, I experienced most of them!

‘I am affected by my symptoms most days. I don’t sleep well and I’m always tired and have a lot of brain fog. I forget the most annoying things! People in my family are trying to be understanding of this, which is helfpul.

‘At work, where I’ve been a teaching assistant for 15 years now, my concentration is affected when with student – mainly when I’m teaching maths!’

My solutions

‘I have never taken any sort of medical route to combating the menopause due to family health history, so my tactics is to talk about what I’m experiencing and look for alternative ways to manage my symptoms in a way to make life easier.

‘I think we talk about menopause more than we used to – women never dared mention it before, even to each other – but it still needs to be a much more open topic; too many people are too quick to say that women use it as an excuse.

‘I also think that there should be monthly community groups for menopause talks – but I’d tell everyone to just be honest with your friends. Most of the time my close group of pals help each other in how we feel just by talking about it – but not everyone has that connection.’

‘I also started taking Starpowa Meno Balance after reading an article about how much it helped other people going through the same issues as me. I spoke to the staff at a high street health food store about it and they said that other customers had highly recommended it.

‘I think it took about 3-4 weeks before I noticed a difference in the way I felt.

‘I started to get some of my enthusiasm back for life again and felt more positive. I have always been a “glass half full” kind of person so it really knocked me when I felt the opposite way. These have definitely helped me feel back in control of me again – I would highly recommend to other peri or menopausal women.’

Menopause & Me: Julie, 51, a full-time mum from Norwich

Wanting to avoid medication if she could, Julie went down the route of mental health courses, open dialogue and supplements to try and ease her menopause symptoms

Wanting to avoid medication if she could, Julie went down the route of mental health courses, open dialogue and supplements to try and ease her menopause symptoms

The Symptoms

‘I’ve always suffered with my periods – but over the last 10 years they’ve got worse.

‘I’m 51 and about a year ago I suddenly didn’t feel myself in many ways. I’m usually such a positive person; active, fit and healthy.

‘I have four children – from 32 to 12 – and I all of sudden couldn’t keep up – I felt tired and had no energy, no enthusiasm for anything.

‘It got so bad that I felt like I didn’t want to get up in the mornings and lost all my confidence. I felt anxious – but the weirdest symptom was I had certain food cravings – and then couldn’t stand the smell of some foods I’d previously loved.

‘At their worst, my symptoms massively affected my day-to-day life. I was wary of going out, my relationships suffered – I honestly felt like I was letting everyone down.

‘It wasn’t only emotionally and mentally the symptoms affected me – I only had to look at food to put on weight!’

The Solutions

‘My GP was great – I had several appointments and they checked my bloods – but I am not interested in taking any medications, it’s just a choice I’ve always made.

‘I decided to tackle the emotional toll the menopause had on me by researching into mental health and taking courses in a bid to come up with tools to ease my worries.

‘I’m also a very open person by nature and inquisitive so I will talk about anything – especially to my daughters. I think having an open and honest dialogue with the people you love is hugely beneficial for when you’re going through mental or physical changes, mainly to ease frustration on both sides.

‘I also think it’s great that celebs are coming out and taking about the menopause on TV so it feels like there’s a camaraderie – they’re rich and glamorous and going through all the same stuff as you. It makes it more visible, which makes you feel less ashamed and alone.

‘I also started researching natural remedies when I knew I was fully in menopause.

‘I took a few different brands that didn’t appear to make any difference until I found Starpowa. I followed people on social media who were taking them and then bit the bullet and ordered some myself.

‘I took me a while to get into the swing of taking them – but then I started having the gummie in the morning as advised.

‘I didn’t really notice any difference until about a month – I mainly took them because they tasted lovely! But, after about three to four months, I started to feel like myself again.

‘I still have the odd wobble. However, whereas before I was so emotional, Meno Balance appear to have really supported me through this period of life.

‘Of course, I still have to look after myself; exercise and a proper diet, and it really is harder as you get older, but I’m positive that age is only a number.

‘I recommend Starpowa to everybody. One of my daughters has recently got the multi-vitamin and the gut health gummies. Meno-balance have really been brilliant for me and I always make sure I never run out. That’s the only thing that worries me about the menopause at the minute.’

Time to take back control: The Meno Balance gummies making waves with women across the UK

Starpowa has come up with the dream team of vitamin gummies.

Starpowa, who have taken the vitamin market by storm with their wildy-popular Hair, Skin and Nails gummieshave created a series of brand new supplements.

Their new superstar product are the Meno Balance Gummies.

All Starpowa products are completely cruelty free, vegan friendly and are manufactured in the UK and include clinically proven ingredients.

So, what’s in them?

Meno Balance Gummies include:


*Sage leaf

*Soy Isoflavones

*Folic acid

*Vitamin B6**


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